The Board of Directors has established the following committees to assist in meeting FIRMA's goals and objectives:

  • Education - Co-Chairs, Bill Norris & Mark Gray
  • Risk - Co-Chairs, Bruce Goldberg, Natalie McCabe, & Stephen Cantrell
  • Finance - Chair, Natalie McCabe
  • Marketing - Co-Chairs, Gaby Bailey & Holly Baley
  • Sponsor Relations - Co-Chairs, Michael Bridgeman & Stephen Cantrell
  • Member Value - Co-Chairs, Denise Morrison, Holly Bailey, & Gaby Bailey
  • Nominations - Co-Chairs, Sacha Waldeck & Bill Norris
  • Publications - Chair, Denise Morrison & Mark Gray
  • Communications & Technology - Co-Chairs, Danielle Albrecht, Sacha Waldeck, & Stephen Cantrell
  • Peer Groups - Co-Chairs, Michael Bridgeman, Holly Bailey, & Stephen Cantrell

If you are a FIRMA member interested in joining a committee, please contact Amy Caple at the FIRMA Office --


Please contact the committee chair if you are interested in volunteering for a committee.  For a complete list of committee members and their contact information, please visit the individual committee pages.