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Pre-Conference Workshop I -Administering Trusts and Developing Fiduciary Solutions in the Modern Age: Are We Creeping Out of the Cave?

Sunday, May 5, 2019 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Daniel E. Ramer

Regional Fiduciary Executive 
Piqua, Ohio

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David Sawyer

Senior Managing Director – Personal Trust, Estates and Guardianship Services
Rosemont, Illinois

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Session Description

This workshop will address some of the cruciaduciary de-cision points encountered by, and prospective solutions available to, trustees today. The widespread adoption of key provisions of the Uniform Trust Code has resulted in an increased need for trustees’ awareness of a myriad of nuanced issues associated with trust administration. Simultaneously, state statutory schemes have evolved to provide solutions to manduciary challenges, removing longstanding obstacles for both trustees and benecia-ries. When understood and properly applied, these developments can assist the trustee in not only administering the trust, but also in managing appurtenant risk and developing solutions that alleviate recurring problems. During this session, we will work through the nuts and bolts of trust administration and then dis-cuss and analyze some of the options now available for address-ing problems that we, our co-trustees and our beneciaries face.