Third Party / SAS 70 Reports - A Regulatory and Standards Update

James Merrill, CPA, CISA
Risk Advisory Services - Global Third Party Reporting Specialist
Francis P. Thomas, III, CTA
First Vice President & General Auditor
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If you provide investment management, trust or custody services to clients, you need to have a SAS-70 to distribute to all the accountants/ auditors of clients who need validation of your internal controls.  Without it, you risk entertaining all those folks who wish to come learn about your controls for themselves. We’ll briefly talk about how your institution maximizes the use of their SAS-70 report. But what about the myriad of vendors contracted for outsourced services? Are their controls important to you? How many of them are you requesting a SAS-70 report from? How many reports do you actually receive and what’s done with them? We’ll discuss the advantages to proactive vendor management using external SAS-70’s as a tool to document compliance with your vendor management program.

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